You don't always have the opportunity to work on a project that suits you so perfectly. From Onesal’s extensive reel and experience, we learned that the team is very used to working with abstraction and visual metaphors to represent what would be impossible through any other language.

That’s why Bose chose them to portray their new star product and so, they seize the opportunity to take tactile textures and CG animation to the next level.

Our Roles

Direction and Production

At the beginning of the process, Onesal’s team went through an extensive research and development stage. Directed by Onesal’s directors
Damian Sendin and Nahuel Salcedo and working closely with Echoic for the sound design, the idea was to generate a wide visual exploration
on how feelings and sounds could be translated into a graphic language.

The visual representations acted as a foundation to enhance the sound’s narrative by generating a connection, sometimes literal,
sometimes abstract, between the visual, the product, sound & music. Throughout the whole creative process, we can find features satisfying white soft silicone cord that instantly makes you want to hold the earbuds in your hand to caress them.

Built-in completely white materials that resembled the ones of the actual product, the main idea was not to develop visual expressions that could overshadow the concept or script, but rather that could show the product’s idea by adding layers of detail over the tactile aspect. That’s why the art direction of the piece was pieced together keeping in mind a subtle and minimalist style, which is a common statement for both Bose Lando and Onesal. The result was a simple but powerful visual piece that highlighted the new Bose Lando headphones with seamlessly connected animations; High-end contemplative visual metaphors with a fresh and elegant aesthetic.