In our latest in-house exploration, we delve into transforming the routine act of cleaning from a mundane task into a sensory delight, making it approachable, fun, and fresh. This initiative reimagines cleaning through a lens that focuses on tactile, rubbery, and soapy textures, aiming to engage the senses and alter perceptions about the chore.

Flowing Fibers

An exploration into the visual representation of hair re-bonding, undertaken with a focus on crafting a compelling narrative. The objective was to translate the technical aspects of bonding into an engaging and informative visual language, highlighting the transformative process of restoring hair bonds.

Visual ASMR Artbook

Digital art gets real

Tactile Art Installation

In collaboration with Japanese sculptor Keshiro Yamaguchi, Onesal bridges the digital and physical worlds. This piece is the culmination of an exploration that began with Visual ASMR, a full CGI work that delves into textural and tactile elements, exposing natural sculpture formations set in seemingly impossible landscapes.