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onesal is a multi-cultural, multi-disiplined creative studio based in Tokyo. Specializing in art direction and animation we craft sophisticated visual products for clients worldwide, constantly pushing the boundaries of digital art and design.


Pantene Goldie x Onesal: Melting Pro-V Pearls

Tasty Cleaning

In our latest in-house exploration, we delve into transforming the routine act of cleaning from a mundane task into a sensory delight, making it approachable, fun, and fresh. This initiative reimagines cleaning through a lens that focuses on tactile, rubbery, and soapy textures, aiming to engage the senses and alter perceptions about the chore.


A holiday campaign crafted to the smallest snowflake


In collaboration with Lola MullenLowe in Spain, Onesal crafted a visually stunning video that showcases the potent yet gentle nature of Klinex's BotaniTech.

Visual ASMR

An original Onesal project that explores tactile textures in nature to generate ASMR through visuals.


Here's how we helped Mulberry and BBH connect consumers' desires for tactile satisfaction with their latest line of high quality bags.


Infusing Onesal’s Unique Style into Amazon’s Holiday Campaign.

Nicolai Bergman

Onesal created a series of animated loops under the concept 'Future Flowers', that were introduced at the Hanami 2050 exhibition in Fukuoka, Japan by floral artist Nicolai Bergmann.


Onesal helped the world's largest consulting firm Deloitte to visualize a future that doesn't yet exist through their global campaign ‘Make Your Impact’.

Tactile Art Installation

In collaboration with Japanese sculptor Keshiro Yamaguchi, Onesal bridges the digital and physical worlds. This piece is the culmination of an exploration that began with Visual ASMR, a full CGI work that delves into textural and tactile elements, exposing natural sculpture formations set in seemingly impossible landscapes.

Pause Fest

An original Onesal film that explores the relationship humans have with technology as the divide between humans and machines is getting increasingly narrower.


This is how Onesal cooperated with Ogilvy Shanghai and Bose to promote their new Lando product through abstraction and visual metaphors.


Onesal cooperated with Nion and Citizen to illustrate the two universes of ATESSA: one is inside a clock that was created by humans, a micro-universe with perfect beauty. The other is the real universe, a symbol of human challenge, and innovation.


How Onesal collaborated with Amazon Japan for three consecutive years in increasing its likeability in the region through design and animation.

J sports

Onesal collaborated with J Sports in promoting their World Rally broadcast season through a vibrant, vertiginous film.


Onesal helped Uniqlo bringing to life their Ultra Light Down product starting with their slogan "Surprisingly light, warm and compact".


Rimowa comissioned Onesal an unrestrained visual exploration commissioned under the keyword "Timeless" to promote their newest line of Suitcases.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has reached Onesal to develop visuals that support the storytelling on the impact and contribution of the University’s research.

BBC two

Christmas Festive ident for BBC Two.


Onesal collaborated with Elastic in the creation of a series of films for Dell based on exploratory CG simulations to promote the release of their new Dell XPS 13 high-end laptop.

Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia is one of the most well-known brands of TVs in the world and we were invited to help them craft their "Sensorial Gateway" 2020 TV design campaign.

Discovery Channel

Discovery Japan challenged Onesal once again to produce a series of three idents and one filler under the concept of "the unexpected".

University of Melbourne

We helped McCann Melbourne and the University of Melbourne visualize an integrated brand campaign showcasing the distinctive curriculum of the university, the Melbourne Model.