SkinCeuticals Holidays

Our Roles

Art direction, Film direction, Visual R&D, CG Production, Assets Production, Key Visuals Development, Character, and Story Development.

SkinCeuticals are known for their commitment to science-backed skincare. So when they wanted to launch their new brand identity through a holiday campaign, the work needed to embrace the spirit of the season without compromising on the brand’s core values.

Onesal was tasked with crafting visuals that exuded premium elegance and the excitement of the holidays while staying true to the brand's scientific heritage.

We leveraged our expertise in visual storytelling and meticulously crafted winter scenery – down to the smallest snowflake – for selected SkinCeuticals products to exist within. Through advanced particle simulations, the team brought the snow to life, ensuring each flake portrayed the benefits of the products expressed through the snowy canvas world. Careful selection of materials and textures enhanced the realism, and the overall mood and lighting were set to feel fresh like a clear winter morning.

Throughout the extensive process, we remained committed to our ethos of exclusively utilizing CGI 3D, allowing for complete control over every element and enhancing the overall realism of the visuals.

This captivating holiday campaign invites viewers into a winter wonderland like never before. Combining SkinCeutical’s scientific expertise with the magic of the holidays, and bringing it to life with next-generation design reaffirms the brand’s position as a leader in the beauty industry.

SkinCeuticals Holidays celebrates the ongoing collaboration between Onesal, CA1 CA2 and SkinCeuticals – and how it continues to push boundaries. Beyond producing a compelling film, the partnership has generated versatile visuals that can transcend traditional media boundaries, and that can each be adapted for various media platforms.

This joint endeavor underscores the partnership’s collective dedication to merging scientific excellence with creative innovation and sets a new standard in skincare communication.